Photo Friday Feb 20

And yet another photo friday is upon us. This week's theme is Baby. I had a big of an ethical quandry with posting this photo. The boots on top of the marker just get me, and though babies, by and large, represent the potential of the species the sad fact is that even in America babies die every day. And it always seems particularly tragic.
Ergo, my ethical dilemma. This baby died almost 50 years ago, so her parents are not all that old. Do they still live in town? Will they find this photo on the Web and be heartbroken because the grave marker for THEIR BABY was used in an online photo collection?
My photoshop skills are not refined enough to gracefully erase the name on the marker, but the photo speaks to me about life and how sometimes even the most precious lives are ended before the individual even has time to speak. Literally.
So here is my morbid entry for baby.


LjLucy said...

Visix, I tried to reply but the message was bounced back to me through Yahoo.
Here's what I wrote.
I've had one class so far. We watched a few videos and talked about how
the women in the videos could have avoided dangerous situations. (Be
suspicious of men in vans offering to change your conveniently flat tire.
Don't hand someone you're unfamiliar with a weapon that could be used
against you [that one is my personal advice] pull up to the next well
lit gas station instead of stopping on a dark and deserted road if
someone who obviously isn't a cop tries to pull you over.)
This week we start the physical defense part. This is only a "basic"
class. But the overall message seems to be "Don't put yourself into a
dangerous situation to begin with. Be aware of your surroundings at all
Which is quite different from "Now that you know how to defend
yourself, go out and test your new found skills by walking through the local
red light district of your city. Wear something revealing. Heck, why
don't you just talk to strange men about how drunk you are? An opportunity
to defend yourself will soon be presented to you."
This class is more just common sense, which we all seem to lose when we
get into a comfortable situation.
It's all a balance anyway. You can't go through life scared to take the
train, but know that sometimes it derails.

Thanks for your comment on the photo friday shot. I haven't been able
to get out and take as many photos as I would like to lately, but I've
got a decent collection of shots that I've burned onto some semi-eternal
CDs. I had actually forgotten that I had that shot until this contest
came up. I was going to get a shot of my and my brother's favortie
stuffies from when we were little. It's those little things that get saved.
Much like the shoes. My grandmother still has a bronzed pair of my
mother's shoes. Come to think of it, one of my mother's baby toys is still
around. I could have made it a generational shot.

Sorry, I seem to have started rambling. This is much more interesting
than writing a press release about a survey. ;)

Anonymous said...

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