Yay for Photo Friday! Every once in a while you get to slow down and do some of the things you want.
This week's photo friday theme is Destruction. This wonderful weeping willow is at the DeCordova Sculpture Park in Lincoln Massachusetts. When the hubster and I went to visit the park in the spring I found this tree perhaps the most interesting piece among all of the other fantastic sculptural work. True, there was no sculptor of the main tree structure other than time, weather, and nutrients (and God if that's what you choose to believe). However, those with an eye for romantic graffiti, or graphic graffiti, or just wanting to somehow make their mark, have chosen to destroy this tree trunk in an attempt to create something memorable for themselves. One heart with initials probably would not have done much more harm to the tree than the immediate scarring. But by slashing up the one surface which brings nutrients to the leaves from the roots, those who could not resist their own desires may have brought down the one thing this tree had, life. It's a slow means of destruction, but I think many of us can relate to what it is like to be eaten alive by the desires of others.

In other news, I have started a medication to hopefully control my headaches. I've been on it 2 days and am actually getting a headache from the drugged and dehydrated effects. If this is what it takes to avoid getting a 10 day headache, then I'm not sure I want it.

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